Simple Assembly for Tank Touring 150 DE


The Tank Touring DE arrives in a metal frame crate with cardboard on the outside with shrink wrap around the whole container. Please inspect for any damages and note on delivery receipt to file claim with shipping company. Notify Scootertronics at once and we will work with to replace any damaged panels.


Once drivers has lowered scooter and you have inspected its time to remove scooter from crate. You will need metric sockets from 10mm -17mm for bolts, a crescent wrench plus wire cutters to remove scooter from crate.


Remove cardboard from around metal frame. At this point you will want to lift trunk out plus remove tape holding fender and windshield to scooter. Place in a secure place where they will not get damaged. Then remove front tire from frame by either cutting wire strapping or untwisting. Its easier to untwist than to cut unless you have a strong pair of



To remove scooter from frame you will need to loosen and remove all bolts holding top portion of frame to bottom by removing bolts from the bottom of frame than using two people lift frame straight up from scooter plus be careful not to scratch scooter with metal frame. If only one person you may remove one side of metal frame to lift scooter out of frame all the time to watch not to scratch scooter with metal frame. At this you can remove metal strapping by either cutting of untwisting from the rear of scooter on both sides plus on the bottom of scooter on the trans and opposite side. Remove axel that secures to the frame in front. There is a spacer you will need later on the axel also. You must use proper tools not to damage bolts.


Lift scooter out of frame from the rear. Once scooter rear tire is free of frame simply raise scooter up on center stand and pull metal frame away from scooter. If you have only removed the side of frame be careful not to raise scooter into metal frame.


Remove battery from under seat fill with solution and place on charge with a 12 volt 2 amp or less battery charger to give battery full charge. Not doing this will ruin the battery right away.


You can now install front fender onto scooter. The bolts and screws are in their place on the scooter to hold fender on, install all screws and bolts first then tighten each a little as to position fender in center without tightening too much to crack the fender.


You may now install front tire by removing spacer in disc break, separating brake shoes with a flat head screw driver as to not damage brake shoes. Place speed hub on side of wheel, spacer on opposite slide rotor in between brake shoes while sliding axel thru wheel. This step may seem difficult but is not and if done slowly.


The hardware for installing mirrors is under the seat with the mirrors. The spacer is to be used so not to damaged the panels when tighten the mirrors.


To install the windshield you will need to first remove panel trim to attached windshield to scooter. Be careful not damage any of these parts. There are four screws on the inside holding trim on. There are two bolts on each side and a middle screw to hold windshield in place. Replace trim.


To start your scooter for the first time install the fully charged battery in the compartment under the seat. Attach two red wires to positive side of battery and black or green to negative side of battery. Failure to charge battery will ruin it.


At this you will want to check that the gas line to carb is hooked up by looking thru trap door that leads to carb and looking at left side of carb to inspect that gas line is hooked up, if not its right there coming from vacuum pump which is attached to frame of scooter behind gas tank which is in the center of floor board under locked trap door where you place your feet. Fill gas tank full which will be a gallon and a half of high octane gas from a new gas can, putting old gas or from a dirty gas tank will cause problems. Check oil on the right side of scooter. There should be plenty of oil and you will not have to add any.


To start scooter, make sure the scooter is on center stand, not doing this swill cause you great harm and always start on center stand. Place key in ignition and turn once to the right. Pull bake left hand brake handle and hold start button is for 5 10 seconds intervals till started. There is a kill switch if not in correct position the scooter will not start. You may use starter fluid sprayed directly into carb if you have trouble starting but this has never happen. You may also give scooter gas while starter is engaged to help start. Giving the scooter gas while motor is not turning over does nothing. You may also turn idle to help with starting turning screw one and half turns clockwise. If you are incortable doing any of the above please have a pro do it. We can not be responsible for anything you do to the scooter because you did not ask for help or seek apro to help you. Call us if you need anything. 301.576.1874


We have written these instructions ourselves and none were not provided by Tank. We are only trying our best to help you with your scooter.