Tips for taking Care of Your Four Stroke Scooter

*Before Starting the first time.

*Always charge your battery before installing

Always go over the scooter for any loose bolts or nuts paying more attention to muffler bolts and nuts and axel nuts on both front and rea. These often come loose during the life of scooter. A charger is a must have if you own a scooter do not depend on the battery to stay charged over long stretches between starts. Use a 12volt 2amp or less charger, do not use a charger with more 2amps or jump start scooter with any other battery or vehicle, this will burn up electrical system. A trickle charger is fine but will take longer and is good to use when not ridding the scooter to keep charged, a larger amp charger takes less time to charge battery. You can find the perfect charger at Walmart or Scootertronics.


*Always start your scooter on the center stand

This will allow the rear wheel to spin without scooter moving.

You will be able to give scooter gas this way to prevent stalling and adjust idle when scooter is brand new. Idle screw is found under seat under trap door on right side of carb. *Turn idle screw clockwise one and half turns when starting scooter for the very first time and leave this way until you feel scooter is performing well and starting with ease. You will have to apply brake to engage starter motor.


*Fill with gas and check oil in engine

Fill your scooter for the first time with high test gas to full. Only fill this much to allow air intake to help start vacuum flow and gravity flow of gas to carb. Gas is only pumped to carb when engine is turning over either by electric start or kick start. Your scooter has a petcock valve that keeps gas from flowing into carb only with engine is running or turning over. *You may use starting fluid when starting the scooter for the first and we suggest this to allow scooter to start easily and not wear starter or battery. When using electric start do not hold start button down for more 5 second intervals. Also use kick start by pressing down until you find the start position of most resistance.


Simply check engine oil by looking at dip stick on muffler side. Your scooter comes with engine oil and trans oil that must be changed when speedo-meter reads 500. The engine takes .8 of a liter of 10W40 engine oil and trans takes 100ml of 90w gear oil engine oil. You can find everything you need at Scootertronics to keep your scooter in tip top shape with our Scooter Tune Up Kit.



Changing your fluids in your four stroke is easily done with a little care.


Gather up your supplies of two liters of 10W40 motor oil, best to use four stroke oil made for motorcycles and scooters. This oil is made for air cooled motors and will kept your scooter engine in top shape. You may find Bel Ray at along with a complete kit to tune up and change oil.


Place scooter on center stand. Locate bolt for on right side by muffler on bottom of motor directly inline with oil fill check dipstick, loosen, catch filter and clean and let oil drain and dispose of proablely. Replace filter (if there is one) refill with oil just under a liter check with dipstick until full, check after first two minutes of run time again after its cooled to make sure you have enough in reserve.


Trans oil should be replaced at same time. On transmission bottom there is one bolt that is for drain. Loosen drain and dispose of, there is no filter. Replace with 100ml only of 90w gear oil, measure in cup first then pull into syringe squirt into filler hole on side of trans.