December 09, 2009

Go Carts Scooters ATVs

Go Carts Scooters ATVs

All in stock ready for pick up locally or order for shipping to your door in time for christmas. We have 110cc in stock in Black, Blue and Pink for 1299.99 delivered.

 Most places are out of stock but we were ready for this season.

Scooters in stock for pick up and delivery from TNG, Keeway and Linhai.

Scootertronics carries high performance scooter parts that get your scooter to safe speeds to commute and travel on busy roads to make your scooter a real time and money saving machine. Pay less for gas, insurance and parking if you even have to pay.


And most of all Scootertronics offers service and repairs plus our mods to all no matter where you bought no matter what model from Yamaha to Roketa we take care of them all with parts in stock everyday.

New Go Cart

Brand new model 150cc Go cart from Linhai hits the street today just in time for holidays. see it now

December 08, 2009

Thurmont News

Scootertronics has been busy introducing Thurmont residents to our Scooters, Go Carts and ATVs. Although we have units in the store we have much more to offer on our website so you have a lot of chioces for scooters whether they be Sport models or Retro models or the larger ones with 12 and 13 inch wheels to smaller frame scoots like our TNG Retro Venice model thats easy for the ladies to get around on or the teenager starting out for the first time. You can also find many types of ATVs from the smaller 90cc models in two stroke to 80cc four stroke models. And the biggest surprise we have is we service not only what we sell but all brands and types of scooters, go carts and ATVs, no longer will you need to guess if yo ucanget a parts or get your scooter fixed we do it all right here in town for you. No matter where you got it we got you covered.

The Keeway two stroke models give you all the pep most are used to in Thurmont from the Kymco scooters and the Eton we see all over town. So come by if you have not all ready which a lot of you have already to just say HI and check us out which we are very grateful for thats why we did the whole coco and cookies thing last Sat and even brought our van with hot coco to Hobbs during gift giving.


Scootertronics says thanks to all who have come in and checked us and you are waitinh why wait come on in and see whats up. Shop on the internet order and pick up at the store and ridse ride ride. We have lots planned for Thurmont in the Spring and Summer once we get throught the holidauy season.

November 20, 2009

Oct into Nov

Scootertronics Moves

 Scootertronics has moved from its shop on Liberty Rd in Sykesville. We have relocated to a smaller shop in Thurmont MD about 15 miles due west of where we were which was not working out for us with the recession in 2009 and the drop in scooter sales we have experienced in 2009. All in all its a good thing which will have us better prepared to met our customers needs with affordable scooters, parts and service. Our move doe snot affect  our online sales at all just where we ship from.

Oct 2009

Oct strated off with a huge bang for us with a Scooter Daze Ralley for Honda Ruckus owners who showed up to support scootertronics walking away with good deals on Dr Pulley clutches and POSH CDIs.

Although we had races on the calender both got rained out at Sandy Hook and NJ Motorsports Park with us returning to Sandy Hook Raceway on Nov 14 which also rained but track was dry at 2pm by running the carts and we raced finding myself face first on the pavement with my first crash of 2009, so I stayed upright all year till last race which made me quite uneasy the rest of the day so I settle for second.

Oct finsihed up with average sales of parts and more Polini being bought up. We are strong supporters of Polini products because they are simply better. And I have seen Malossi blow and put Polini in and away we go to the finish line. So it helps to know your parts and because we race our scooters we try everything to get them to perform the best we can with different roller and clutch set ups. This practice makes it easy for us to determine which high performance parts work the best on what scooters for what the customer needs are.

With Nov starting with us in our new shop Tommy Thunder has been at work repairing scooters and go carts right from the day we got there we had scoots and carts in for service.

September 28, 2009

Sept Closes with New Products

New Products Scooter Racing

Scootertronics has been busy adding new scooters and new products to our high performance parts mainly for the Honda Ruckus and Chinese 139QMB engine which is the heart and soul of what we do here at Scootertronics.

With the addition of Benelli X50 this completes a high performance two stroke line that also includes Keeway scooters. The Benelli X50 was brought up to the New Jersey Motor Sports Park on Aug 30 for a fun filled day of racing with SRC scooter racing crew from Scootertronics. Ridden by a pro rider the bike fared well when upright after taking a few spills getting used to track. This day also saw SRC compete with NSRs and minigp bikes up to 125cc plus shifters so we had our hands full.

September 24, 2009

Number 61 Gets Race Prep


This is a rare scoot coming from GSMotors in 2004 as an Euro Elite. In its day it was a good scoot and a great buy with Linhai/Yamaha Jog 90 engine. Tommy Thunder gets her ready to race at Sandy Hook Race way on Sept 19.

 Mods Done

Linhai/Yamaha Engine Jog 90 at 90cc 52mm Cylinder

All fuel and air upgraded with new fuel line and Uni Filter

17.5mm carb

NCY 5gram weights

Stock clutch, scoot had 700 miles so thats still good

Polini Kevlar Belt

NCY Z Handle Bars

Customer SRC Grips

Complete New Triple Tree and Front Forks

Has 10 inch rims and stock tires

FRont Dusc Brakes

All lights removed, starter and so on for racing, center stand haedware cut off for turning


September 08, 2009

Atlantic Coast Scooters

Scootertronics to carry TNG and Benelli

If all goes well Scootertronics will offer TNG line of scoots and Benelli in the near future. With TGB and Fly Scooters not willing to accept current sales we are fighting just to keep offering these lines but in no way we will not offer high performance parts for both being the only site to offer TGB 70cc kits and exhaust to make these realracing scooters. Fly scooters has gone online direct to consumer and we do not deal with these types of companies, they broke their agreement with us so we will no longer offer the Fly scooters as well as they have ask us not to do also.

September 02, 2009


Scootertronics SRC Racing New Jersey Motor Sports Park in Milleville, NJ

SRC scooter racing crew showed at NJMSP for NJMINIGP race day and was certainly at the top of the summer for racing and tracks we have been on this year. The NJ park was morethan we have seen since VIR in June and was every bit as fun and racing at its vest plus I think its was way more and we go back Sept 27 alll  over again. Racing in the F1 class with mini motards and NSR 14 bikes screamed to the first turn. We found our selves just a little out classed but as we know we have 7 races down and only second time on a large track we did not loose but did not place either so it was as much fun as you can have with your clothes on and a perfect family gathering of about 100 racing members having a great time and we were joined by a Benelli from Power Sports Factory with pro rider so this was as much fun as the spills and thrills of the day from Ryam Fleming who is the master on all bikes.



New Motorsports Park Aug 30


August 15, 2009

Maryland International Raceway

Sunday Aug 9 was The Americam Bike Feast and drag what you bring so I brought my Cf Moto V5 even though it was not american it was cool and I raced all day to get some times then went through three rounds of elmintions. There were lots of Harleys and Victorys and I got blown away each time I qualified but who cares I was drag racing my motorcycle and having a great time. But duringelminations the Victory Drag bike I went up againist first red lighted and I won. Then I got a Bi on second run so I was in final so I got runner up. Is that unreal or what.


My Cf Moto has been modified with

MRP Racing Exhaust

Dr Pulley Clutch

Dr Pulley weights

32mm manual choke carb

Uni Air Filter

August 13, 2009

CF Moto V5 Drag winner


July 23, 2009

CF Moto V5

My Cf Moto V5 was hurting bad for fuel and air. This is due to carb being clogged up from 12,000 miles. So I went ahead and put in a manual choke carb and she fired right up and idles great. This carb gives the CN250 so much power with a large Uni Dual Layer for air filter. Now it did give a lot more power all the way around I also have a MRP exhaust which lets all this power out as needed, I am blown away at the improvement, it does not want to go slow and hitting 50 with a slight turn and 70 when ever I need it now. Next I will add the rest of fuel delivery system and quiet this bike down some plus ht a smoother slow speed.


CF Moto V5/V3 upgrades.

MRP Exhaust 32mm carb with manual choke which is much better than auto that comes with it Dr Pulley Clutch, Variators and 21 gram sliders plus Malossi kevlar belt

One of the best ways to get more power which is real easy and air filter. By taking the huge air box out you get much better air flow to help keep engine cool. I still think radiators are too small for this bike mine is a 2006/

Lincoln Tech and Scootertronics are getting together to offer scooter course to their teaching school.

July 19, 2009

Rolling Along in 2009

Scooters Scooter Parts Racing Scooters New Scooters for 2009

2009 has had its challenges and rewards with a very slow build up towards summer thats sees more customers bring in their scooter for repair and upgrades than in the past years. Although we are selling scooters its no where near 2006-2008 three years of record sales made Scootertronics ready for 2009 and its set backs which we have weathered so far. I say ready because we already experienced a heavy load of prep of new scooters that we know all the little ends in outs of different models and what makes than scoot. This makes repairs finish by going to the problem and fixing or knowing what to take away and add to get results we are looking for which is a road ready scooter. Our local service has continued to grow and now is a major force in our grand scheme to offer road worthy scooters that can commute in traffic and obtain road worthy speeds.

Our RSS models along with Linhai and Keeway continue to be our top models since 2006. Our 50cc four stroke RSS models offer power, speed, style and comfort for everyone from ridding two at the beach or getting to work on time plus bringing home everyday items. Scootertronics preps and sets up each scooter for the customer needs.

Keeway continues to offer sport style preppy two stroke models that have the power and speed built in to every scooter for that comfortable ride that gets up and going leaving you wanting more each ride. The two stroke design regins king here for getting results out of the create. A few twicks and you have a power machine to ride.

July 18, 2009

SRC Crew Race Day


Lined Up

linedup.jpg SRC Crew take center stage of a five bike run all upfront. This shot is of Colonial Beach in May. Last racd there SRC was up againist outside its crew for the first time with a first and third overall due to finishing all races and placing in each one. SRC crew was given a fit from a Thunder Shop TGB that was now 70cc with technigas pipe plus trans work so we know the bikes we mod turn up to race againist SRC and do well. A simple GY6 50 139 was there as a 70cc with mods to camshaft and exhaust, using an 80cc cam from NCY did the trick here giving the four stroke power at start to keep up with 2Ts all over the track.


Linhai Catalina 150

white.jpg Linhai Catalina 150 Touring Scooter, compare this scoot to the Tanks and Roketas and there is no comparison so we finally have a touring 150 we can trust and sell to customers without cringing. The quality is what it should be for this price range and scootertronics offers ready to ride so no trouble when you recieve its running.

Keeway Matrix 50

Scooter_Matrix_2.jpgKeeway Matrix 50 Simply the hottest 49cc scooter out there and there is alot but if you want performance without mods Keeway scooters do it right from the crate. The high powered two stroke machines get the job done with ease. The quality from Keeway is outstanding when compared to everything it its price range except Piaggio with Keeway having all the looks and power.

July 13, 2009

Scooter Racing

Scooter Racing continued at Colonial Beach VA with practice on new track and racing at 12 noon which included ATVs in the 400cc range plus Super Motos Minis and Scooters. SRC showed with three bikes plus two more showed up to give us a fit on the track. One we had to deal with a TGB Tommy Thunder had built a few months ago which gave him a fit in the heats but was gone before final going out with going down and then busted rear brake line. The QJ Linhai Yamaha powered took third over all for day just by finishing every heat and the final which only saw three of five finish every race. Along with the TGB a four stroke Jonway Sport R was tearing up the track with a ex motocross rider that slide around a little also along with SRCs Zuma ridden and built by Tommy Thunder.

Race Day


July 03, 2009


So far I always thought it was me who did not know what I was doing or how to approach or get results when it came to buying products to sell on my site and in my retail store. Although both sell the products its two different worlds and I have learned to handle the internet customer and the retail customers none of my vendors except for a few know or think there is a difference.

The worst part of my search for my products is the Chinese and Asian products in general scooter dealers distributors or simply put the guys who buy direct from China and think they know what sells and what type of scooter and style that will do well in the states. No company is without mistakes, very simply put scooters have not been all the rage like other countries but they sure are gaining power and since 2003 when I first got int them it has changed somewhat. Some have learned well like CF Moto, Keeway, Linhai and Fly Scooters along with RSS plus Keeway still offesr top of the line two stroke machines which are more powerful than their four stroke bros.

Companies like Roketa, Sunl, Peace and quite a few others leave a lot to be desired and everyone who works for them most likely does not do well for salary and not pushed to even know the industry they are in to the point they do not know what engine is used in thier scooters they sell nor the difference in models. Its like all the scooters that say ABS disc brakes give me a break not one of these low cost machines have ABS brakes and I stop saying they did. Since Jonway makes all the scooters along with a few engine makes like Quinqgi and Zongshen there are several levels of scoots being made, if you buy a scooter for less than 1500 on the internet with free shipping I hope you plan on fixing it a lot and not being able to get parts from who you bought it from.

Here is the bottom line on internet scooters, if the company or site you buy from does not advertise that they are fixing and selling parts everyday you will get a scooter that has not been assembled or started for the first time. If you assemble your scooter its illegal to just get tags you need to have it inspected. If you buy a scooter from a shop whom deliveries the scooter fully assembled and running and sells parts and services the scooters than you have made a good purchase.

If the website does not have physical address than they are working from home and have no business selling scooters to be ridden on public streets

As for scooter distributors I have just one - three that really knows thier scooters or their parts well enough to even sell them. I am embrassed to sell some scooters because of a bad rap. The horror stories I here are awful and should not have happen. None of the parts vendors I buy from know the parts they sell or what they do or how they will help or fix a scooter. Their are high performance dealers out there that know nothing about the parts they sell nor does the vendor they get them from and its not hard.

There are great parts supply out there you just have to know what you are doing first.

There are great scooters out there that are very affordable but not cheap BS that does not work for more than a week. You get what you pay for period.

Here is my fav list

  • Keeway
  • RSS
  • Linhai
  • CF Moto
  • TGB
  • Fly Scooters
  • SACHS Madass 50 and 125
  • Genuine
  • Jonway some models

    Then there is of course the big boys Vespa, Honda and Suzuki to name a few, just as in Givi products we sell this vendor knows thier products. Go for a Chinese scooter parts site chinesescooterparts they are clueless. Most just buy and have offered cheap parts that will break like before.

    I am not condemming the chinese scooter market because I make a living at it and very much like what I do but most who are doing it have no ideal except how much and how many do you want.