At, you will get results from a Geely Gas Scooter straight from the crate. Models like the 50cc Geely Euro, 50cc Sport, 50cc Retro and 50cc Turbo. For the ultimate ride choose a Geely Turbo Scooter. All models now come with the Turbo package. Shipping is free with all orders for Geely scooters.

So lets get right to the point of your visit. The most powerful scooter for the money with guaranteed proven results are the Geely Turbo 2-stroke 49.5cc scooters. Turbo models of the Sport, Retro, and Euro with the CVT trans and unrestricted carb. These Turbo models are Guaranteed to reach speeds of 45+mph right from the crate. Please research at Yahoo Geely Groups for the proud owners of these scooters from Scootertronics.

Turbo scooters go for 899 deliverd to a terminal near you. Call and ask for Michael for spring discount.

New Yamaha Turbo Scooters are here. Place your order now. Don't be left out act fast.

Turbo model scooters are the first to go. If you are considering one for this season you need to act fast so we may fill all orders in a timely fashion. Shipments are ariving in April and May for the summer season. Thanks Michael

Our goal is to make your shopping experience convenient, simple, and secure. Please call with any concerns or to order by phone and we will explain when your scooter will arrive and what to expect.

Last Update April 4, 2004 301-743-3842

Please read our terms before purchasing a scooter. A Certificate of Origin can be suppilied to make it easy to get tags and insurance. This is something extra that only Scootertronics can supply.

Limited Time All Geely Gas Scooters are Turbo Scooters For 899.99 you can get a Turbo engine and drive belt system on any Geely Gas Scooter

Shipping is FREE on all Geely Gas Scooters. Please select Forward Air for free shipping to a terminal near you. Electric scooters will be shipped UPS Ground. Qingqi Gas Scooters will be shipped Fedx.

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