Geely Retro Scooter Exploring the Geely Retro Scooter The Geely Retro scooter offers riders an old fashion look. Watch your neighbors stare as you ride down the street on a machine that looks like it jumped off a time machine from the year 1965. Wide, stylish body fairing set the look in the front, plus it keeps the wind off the driver. A Geely Retro scooter is sleek, stylish, and comfortable to ride. To complete the package and old fashion look, Geely Retro scooters offer a horse saddle looking seat that is comfy, even on long trips. They offer plenty of foot and leg space for riders up to 6 feet tall. High Quality Geely Scooters The Geely Retro scooter provides top of the line parts, including suspension and braking. This allows these scooters to get down from speed in a hurry. The Geely Retro scooter is popular and easily affordable. The Geely Retro scooter is DOT approved and is street legal in most states. They are a safe and convenient method of transportation to get you from point A to point B in a hurry. Quick with speed, these classic beauties will bring back good times!