For a limited time you can purchase any model of Geely Scooter with the Turbo features.


And now, for those that need a little more speed, we offer this model with our unrestricted Turbo engine. This 49.5cc scooter is belt driven and has a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

Rather than having a fixed set of gear combinations, or "ratios", the CVT transmission allows an almost limitless combination of engine speed to vehicle speed ratios. Because of the smooth transition in gear ratios provided by the CVT transmission, the Turbo provides constant, stepless acceleration from a stop all the way up to cruising speed. This contrasts with the jerk of gear changes experienced with a typical automatic transmission.

The scooter, with the Turbo engine, will reach speeds of 45 to 50mph. You will not find another 49.5cc scooter with that kind of power right out of the crate.